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I look at the picture but eh??? I will clarify who is speaking as we go.

Boram joins her bandmate on this list, while not as talented musically and not as tall we hold a special place in our hearts for Boram and gave her the nod above Soyeon. Naked 5 palette. But it's true though So more on that in the next few blogs. I couldn't post the actual picture because my ass would be banned for posting nudity. Eunsol bambino nude. Hadam had a religious conversion! Idk a lot of these, but they all look pretty hot. Smile too cute for words. These girls have only been out for a minute, I am just saying it would be nice if their new found popularity translated to sales.

Eunsol — Bambino Photo by kpopcams Pa: My ride or die Sojin places number 55 on the list by coincidence…she deserves higher but unfortunately she is just too old at this point to be a real threat to the top spots but she is still looking good. Leave a comment below. Sumin — Sonamoo Photo by pmrowla Pa: Moonbyul — Mamamoo Photo by Tumblr Pa: I picked a picture with a surprised look on her face for 3 reasons: Woah woah another Red Velvet member outside the top ?

I miscounted the list and was short by 1 person so welcome to the list Krystal way to be top Why are they pushing people out of the top ? If Suzy or Jennie are hotter than her then like…what happened here. Irene — Red Velvet Photo by onehallyu Pa: Jisoo — Lovelyz Photo by Favidol Pa: Yeah she is flashing her underwear likely in purpose since she should have wear the safety pant when performing, but other than that No, I think it can only be the love of a boy lucky SOB or the love of the Devinethat got our girl off the stage.

Who would have predicted that years ago? Yeri — Red Velvet Photo by redvelvetgallery Pa: The reason why we are all here!

Jisook — Rainbow Photo by kpopmken Pa: Who are these Cosmic Girls? Too far fetched for me. Big wet tits sophie dee. Bambino is originally a dance team tho?

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Smile too cute for words.

Too far fetched for me. Black african lesbian porn. Sweet Yuri, finally some respek put on a Girls Generation member…hats off to them for making it this high on the list…will it ever happen again? Notify me of new posts by email. She acts, she sings, what more do you want from her? A man, money, preferential treatment, just plain jealousy? Their songs are that bad? Keep up the good work. Ailee Photo by brianpark1 Pa: Bambino is originally a dance team tho?

Japan is up in this piece with the famous Twice dancer Momo…Momo famously did not make the final group but JYP made a exception and put her on the squad because he saw so much talent…well JYP we see it too. Gotta do that research, fam. You out did yourself, great piece of writing. Hey man, an Eunsol doll!! The leader, the face, the singer of Rainbow is the last member of the group to grace this list.

The girl is quiet, perhaps JS pay her to keep it all under the rug. They may not have their full group anymore but the are sure fighting hard to make a name for themselves on this list…respect the process. Eunsol bambino nude. Lesbian girls cumming. My kpop Yukiko Persona 4.

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Yooyoung — Hellovenus Photo by studio-g Pa: Only 3 picks into the top and already 2 Chinese members. Hwasa — Mamamoo Photo by Noofilicia Pa: IU Photo by Minimikushop.

LOL Tx for checking-in. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. Sumin — Sonamoo Photo by pmrowla Pa: You guys are fucked up. A group that is all about staying in shape? Photo by aminoapps Photo by koreaboo Ra: I would never have even noticed during ordinary viewing which leads me to question any NSFW claims. Jisoo — Blackpink Photo by danilaufa Pa:

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Harry styles half naked That may have influenced her ranking.
Milf spread pussy pics Oh you want another video like Vibrato? They may not have their full group anymore but the are sure fighting hard to make a name for themselves on this list…respect the process. Nowadays it's easy for girls do get 1.
Nice nude girls videos The best english speaker on this list, Wendy represents the Canadian Korean population well…her strong vocals are not the only thing where she is top tier…so close to
Video lesbian china Sally — Gugudan Photo by arttechnician Pa: You were too nice to Min on this list. This topic has been archived.
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