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I can't even believe people buy into this. Sexy bikini girls having sex. Seems like she is on that course if she's already pissing off her peers.

How many times have this been said? However, because she's already gone exactly the other direction and engaged with extremely unprofessional behavior online, her current "modeling" works completely against her. I thought she broke up with his goofy ass. But who really cares about her body? Also comparing the two of them he's ten times a better cosplayer than her cept for those eyebrows on Ban make me wanna die. Nude samus cosplay. This is all just so funny: I have a sneaking suspicion I have been turned down from jobs and volunteering opportunities due to that, despite being 'reformed'.

I too wanted to show them: Also maybe think of better insults than 'jealous, fat, and bitter, but you're stupid as fuck' cause right now according to you that makes us waifu material since that basically describes Momo.

And where did these nudes come from then? Young, pretty but childish. Doubt she is though Lmao. It ruins the integrity of the actual cosplay profession. And if peopletb donate then so what; at least you're not a sellout Momo. Like…what has she done? I'm a real nerd girl!! Didn't she always say she wanted to help other cosplayers in her community to help grow?

I'm not a fan of her but I'm not gonna shitpost just to shitpost like some of you. Ela savanas nude pics. I've never even heard of her before this thread. Adblock users get a week free. Catch them rolls she's trying to hide under that baggy shirt. Login or sign up to add videos to your collections. TBH you'd think that her corset training would make her waist nicer but the shoop and selfie tricks make it obvious she's still trying to hide a lot. Sure not all of them are great but imho if you like a character properly you'd be able to figure out which design suits them.

Not saying she's totally on the right track time will tell I guess. She's made some of his cosplays for him here and there. It'll just hurt you more.

We own a house and I'm just fine with that. Which in my opinion says a lot about her.

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Felicia Tang yellow suit. Becoming lesbian porn. Have you ever even kissed a girl? I've said it before, there's no more valid points to make, you're literally hating her because of the way she posed in a photograph? Like I've sent a couple booty pics in my time and they looked like the ones you would see on booty or those kinds of twitter domains haha.

But I think Steff was being a pompous asshole as she always is. It frustrates me too. Like when you guys were shit talking her for cheating on Eric, she refused to read anything you guys had to say.

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Not salty or jealous in the least bit just stating facts. This thread just aggravates me so much. Sad if she has to be revealing now unless that's what she wants to do. Nude samus cosplay. She's been Samus for like two months it's old.

He's a nice guy. As much as she fucking drives me crazy with some of her shit, and "cosplays" I don't think she's in it for the fame. Japanese lactating milf. Some of us have actual goals and careers that won't leave us unemployable once the sex money dries up!

Mind you, I am a CA cosplayer who is quite popular but I've never heard a word about Momo in a bad way. Once everyone tried to follow suit and copy them the whole community just became infested with "wannabes" and there's only so much beta fag money to go around, lol.

The only reason why I recognized her Mewtwo as Mewtwo was because she had a giant tag hanging off her wig that said "Mewtwo" on it. Anyone with a face will work. Also if she doesn't work out regularly she's just gonna get gross instead of staying curvy. Second off we stopped saying she made her own shit like weeks ago now we're just saying she does make her own shit but it's shit lol.

Then those photos are the ones she posted on Patreon. She needs to lose weight plain and simple if she wants to be as famous as Nigri. Neither of them are good looking. I wish I had the screenshot but that was one of her old Twitter quotes she's actually said that a few times before, now she gets to ruin Bulma because of it: Anyways, my point was no one peaks if they're not looking for fame. I recommend she loses some more weight and fixes up her Patreon, like cut the lingerie shoots out and work on just cosplay shoots.

Why can't you just be happy she's doing what makes her happy? I'm really not trying to be, and I am influenced by her but in the long wrong I want to be my own person.

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High sunlight magically erases all chub lines because the shadows are being highlighted by the light ; Momokun is not the only master of the clever angle, used to do that when I was a little chubbier lol.

If she's a Muslim, she's a mess. She cheated on her boyfriend too. Also, when shes that fat, how does she have no ass. Nude girls nipples pics. I'm not even a fan of IvyDoomKitty but she's been in the game WAY longer than you have and even though she corsets she is x more the 'face of bigger girls cosplaying' than you. Lesbian licking cum out of pussy Nude samus cosplay. Not a major shoop it seems but still there. It looks like babbys first sewing project.

And she is always working to improve herself. She gets such fake self esteem from her followers because half of them want nudes and the other half just wanna share the spotlight by acting like they have a lesbian crush on her lmao. Despite only being active since last December her cosplay fb page has over 20, likes, a clear sign that many of them are bought. One person from my FB likes her page and most of my friends on that account are cosplayers and photographers.

Also Why is she trying to white pass so hard? Not that it's currently active.

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